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Chrissy Quinn is an Australian based Empowerment Coach. With a professional corporate background in Finance, Customer Service & Management, Chrissy launched Simplified Coaching in October 2019 with the initial desire to help people tap into their power.


Having supported clients through professional transitions, business start ups and growing established small businesses, Chrissy is most passionate about supporting her clients to be the most authentic and unapologetic versions of themselves knowing that the extension of life and business starts with the relationship with yourself.

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empowering self talk

The internal “chatter” goes from being disempowering and full of self doubt to peaceful and empowering.


Building the confidence to say no to people, and to have conversations where you ask for what YOU want

Unleash your power

Going from saying “sorry” consistently, even when you haven’t done anything wrong, to realising you don’t need to apologise and can stand in your power.

Finding fulfilment

Leaving a comfortable and stable job to pursue a business that you are passionate about even though your family or friends don’t understand why would make this decision.

Feeling Connected with yourself

Feeling more connected with yourself. From feeling heavy, to feeling lighter because you’ve let go of judgement, fear and stories that were disempowering and holding you back, to getting focused and clear on what is most important to you..

Partners, not clients

Feeling confident to charge and increase business prices and packages that are aligned with what you offer and what the market is willing to pay.

The magic that transpires when we work together:

Our approach at Simplified Coaching  is to DREAM BIG and think outside of the box you’ve been confined in.
We empower people to live a better quality of life, we focus on creating harmony & balance in the 3 key areas of your life – health, wealth and relationships by guiding you to tap into the magic inside of yourself.

How does coaching work?

Getting Clarity

Our Initial identity session together involves us discussing your dreams, goals & things that you believe are holding you back from living your true potential. We take the time to learn about what YOU want and how you can take the steps to achieve what you desire.

Removing Obstacles

Everyone has areas in their life where they are facing obstacles, or where their existing beliefs and stories are running the show. By working together, we will identify the root cause of the specific obstacles you are currently facing, and break through them, allowing you the opportunity to unleash your true potential and step into the person you know you can become.

Your Road Map

Understand the specific steps you need to take for your personalised goals and together we will create a unique roadmap to reverse engineer all your goals you’ve set so you’re no longer stuck in overwhelm, procrastination or lacking direction.

Live a Fulfilled Life

Once we’ve built out the roadmap, you begin to see results from the aligned actions you are taking in your business and life. Achieving your goals feels effortless because you are enjoying the process and living life on purpose.

Accountability & Support

At Simplified Coaching we hold our client to a high standard so they feel supported and empowered to follow through on everything they’ve set out to do. We offer unmatched support and pride ourselves on multiple touch points through our program.

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